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    Seafoam obsessed musician Kali Kazoo started as a solo project by Kali Fontecchio to channel her love of Dylan, Devo, and Neutral Milk Hotel. Her first full length album Outlaw Engineer Painted Pioneer (2013), an aggressive acoustic exploration of punchy ballads and including a couple of songs with producer Tommy Meehan singing alongside her. With the addition of drums and a renewed sonic palette as a rocking two-piece Kali Kazoo hit the studio to record a second LP, the stripped down electric and semi-orchestral Contrary To Popular Belief (2015). Through several tours and a constant presence in the Los Angeles music scene, the duo grew to include a bassist and a lead guitarist. With this complete lineup and a fresh sense of identity the band hit the studio to complete the 2019 full length Bleed Darker & Deeper Than The Seas Of Hell (produced by Toshi Kasai). Kali Kazoo collaborated again with Kasai for a fourth album, Long Live The Loser (2024) which is by far the moodiest and most catchy. Its 90s rock mix with singer-songwriter soul coming to the forefront explores self-exploratory themes. Contemplating break ups, self-worth, and an overall existentialist point of view on what it all means, songs like the haunting first single “Black Wind” harkens back to female fronted alt rock while pushing forward the cynical yet hopeful perspective of today’s world.